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3 Vancouver Businesses Taking Social Responsibility to Heart

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When it comes to charity and nonprofit organizations, we believe that every gesture carries big weight. Here in Vancouver, there are many businesses that embody the spirit of corporate responsibility and make our community a better place to live. In this post, we take a closer look at three different companies and give them the recognition they deserve for their individual initiatives.

Mining Company Strikes Responsibility Gold

Goldcorp is a Vancouver gold producer that emphasizes ethics and the importance of corporate responsibility in mining. Their contributions to various charities and causes with their #miningwithprinciples campaign helps make Vancouver a better place to live. For example, Goldcorp recently donated $5 million dollars to StreetoHome, a nonprofit that works to provide support for the homeless population in Canada.

Goldcorp is also a big supporter of local sports. As platinum sponsors of the North American Indigenous Games, they help people learn about and celebrate traditional sports. In addition, Goldcorp is a proud financial supporter of the Special Olympics of British Columbia. It’s no question that their generosity is evident and powerful.

Overall, Goldcorp has donated over $120 million to communities in support of education, health, and the arts over the past 5 years. To learn more about their dedication to corporate responsibility and how you can help, visit their website’s sustainability page.

The Orange Door Project

On any given night, there is an estimated 6,000 Canadians without a roof over their heads. The Home Depot Canada Foundation is working to change that with the Orange Door Project. Through the project, the company has raised over $15 million to help end homelessness throughout Vancouver. And, they plan to reach their goal of $20 million by the end of 2018.

The Home Depot Canada Foundation has been active since 2009 in improving the living situations of those in need, and is almost exclusively run by a volunteer force. You can help out by making donations. More information is available here.

Vancouver’s Ethical Bean Coffee

Corporate responsibility is not limited to big business—take Ethical Bean Coffee for example, a company based in Vancouver. Their use of environmentally-friendly ingredients and their highly active charity work has helped them establish a strong and admirable reputation in B.C.

Their eco-friendly coffee bags generate 75% less emissions than a plastic recyclable container. And their Coffee Bag Return Programme is just an extra step toward decreasing emissions even further.

Ethical Bean Coffee has demonstrated global philanthropic excellence as well. Since 2003, it has donated over $64,000 to Child Aid’s FUNDIT, providing school supplies and aid to Guatemalan school children. This support, and Ethical Bean Coffee’s 100% certified FairTrade products, have truly pushed the boundaries of community responsibility in Vancouver. It’s hard to keep up with all the work they do in the community, but you can get an idea by following them on Twitter.

We love to hear about corporations and businesses doing their part to make not only Vancouver, but the rest of the world, a better place to live. If your business is making a difference, let us know

And, if you’re interested in learning more about all of the non-profit and charity groups that we support, check out our blog. To stay updated on the latest nonprofit, sustainability and charity news around our community, follow our Twitter feed.