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A Local Student’s Education Continues with the Help of a DP World Prince Rupert Scholarship

DP World Canada recognizes the value of education in the community and seeks to support families in the communities we serve by investing in the next generation. One way to do this is to offer a scholarship to a worthy student. The recipient this year of the DP World Prince Rupert scholarship is Tanaiya Pearson.

Meet Tanaiya Pearson

A Prince Rupert resident and recent graduate of Charles Hays Secondary School, Tanaiya is the daughter of Wade Pearson, who works as a longshoreman at DP World Prince Rupert.

Tanaiya submitted an outstanding scholarship application essay. It was among many reviewed by DP World Prince Rupert, and Tanaiya was selected as a student who embodies the character and values of the company. Additionally, she is a respected student with plans to not only continue her education but also to help educate others.

Though originally from Prince Rupert, Tanaiya recently relocated to Victoria, where she will attend post-secondary education. Her family roots go deep into Canadian history as she has an Indigenous background. Her mother and father grew up on Haida Gwaii and in Prince Rupert and are of Haida descent.

Well-rounded in both art and music, Tanaiya enjoys drawing, baking, dance and playing musical instruments, including the flute and clarinet. She also enjoys children, an interest that assisted her in selecting a field of study for college. She is an avid reader, who has excelled academically while also staying involved in extracurricular activities.

Recognizing her dedication and hard work, Tanaiya received additional scholarship funding from the Skidegate Band and New Relationship Trust.

This fall, Tanaiya will attend Camosun College, spending up to two years earning credits towards a Bachelor of Education degree. She then plans to transfer to the University of Victoria to finish her teaching training and credentialing. Her desire is to become an elementary school teacher upon completion of her studies. Ultimately, she hopes to also earn her master’s degree in psychology, allowing her to become a more effective teacher and guide for young children.

The Scholarship

Established to support the community, DP World Prince Rupert’s scholarship award provides funding for post-secondary tuition and related expenses, allowing talented students like Tanaiya to continue their education and pursue their school and career goals. The support Tanaiya received along with money from other scholarships she earned will help her reach her education and life goals.

Well Done, Tanaiya!

DP World Prince Rupert congratulates Tanaiya and her family on her graduation and on her many accomplishments as a student. We are pleased to help her financially and wish her well as she pursues her post-secondary education, hoping to see her soon in the classroom, investing in the next generation of students.