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Mission Possible Gala Spotlight

mission-possibleWhat began as an intimate dinner among Mission Possible partners and supporters, has now grown into a formal gala and much-anticipated community event. Great company, great food, entertainment and inspiring stories make for an evening that Mission Possible (MP) is proud to present again in 2016.

The Mission Possible Gala will be held Wednesday, December 7th at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Vancouver. MP is excited to welcome back QMFM’s popular radio personalities, Nat and Drew, who will be emceeing the event for the fifth year in a row.

Program Highlights

Awards and Recognition: One very important part of the program is an awards ceremony, in which MP recognizes individuals who have played a crucial role in the success of the organization over the last year or more.

The ceremony celebrates people who have been impacted by MP—who’ve had their lives changed for the better because of the organization’s efforts. The Come Back Award recipients are recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. They’re living proof that generosity, collaboration and a sense of purpose can truly turn a life around.

Each year the Gala recognizes a volunteer who has gone above and beyond for MP. It’s an opportunity for MP to show their appreciation for those who have generously given their time, and to humbly thank them for their dedication.

Finally, a Community Champion is named. This title is given to someone who has been involved in MP on several different levels. They’ve likely been a volunteer or a donor, participated in educational workshops, or been involved in a combination of those contributions.

Auctions: MP likes to have a little fun with their fundraising. Both a live and a silent auction are held during the Gala and packages are sold to raise money to support the organization’s social enterprise. Attendees and supporting businesses put together exciting packages and offer them to the highest bidder.

Appeal: Financial support plays a critical role in helping the MP programs run efficiently. And so, a portion of the evening is dedicated to doing an appeal to anyone who hasn’t been able to give for an auction item or sponsor a table.

The Organization and its Supporters

Mission Possible gives individuals purposeful work and a paycheck through the charity’s social enterprises, which are transitional employment programmes designed to help people discover a sense of dignity and purpose. Mission Possible has its roots in a faith-based community, and many supporters in the organization’s beginning were mostly church-based. Early stages of the Gala event would raise approximately $15-$20,000 in funds.

MP now graciously receives the core of its support from the Vancouver business and port community. Even businesses that are not as local have become regular contributors. Just last year, the Mission Possible Gala proudly raised over $250,000. Over the years, MP has developed strong relationships with businesses from every industry—all with a common interest: helping MP fight homelessness and poverty in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by empowering people with its work readiness programs.

Be a Part of Something Great!

All members of the community and the general public are welcome and encouraged to attend. There’s still time to purchase tickets or sponsor a table. If your company is looking for giving opportunities, there’s plenty of time to learn how to become involved next year. The hope and inspiration felt by everyone involved is real and tangible. Even if you haven’t been involved with Mission Possible in the past, this is an opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible effects it has on the lives of those struggling to make ends meet in the Downtown Eastside.

Here’s a glimpse of a past Mission Possible Gala, so you can see for yourself. This year’s event is sure to be equally as inspiring and heartwarming!

If you’d like to learn more about attending the Mission Possible Gala, visit–59/2016-12-07. To get in touch about sponsorship opportunities, contact Matt Smedley at 604-253-4469.