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Mission Possible Honors Program Participants at Annual Charity Gala

Mission Possible Honors Program Participants at Annual Charity Gala

Mission Possible is one of the key nonprofit organizations in Vancouver. It offers struggling individuals a sense of purpose, hope, and stability. Each year for the past ten years, Mission Possible has held an annual gala to recognize programme participants who have achieved outstanding goals in their personal lives and sustainable living.

This year’s gala, themed “Old Hollywood,” will be a glamorous evening filled with fun and celebration. There’s something for everyone, including a silent auction, mystery treasure chest, and prize-filled Christmas crackers guests can purchase—prizes can be anything from a coffee voucher to a weekend getaway trip.

A main focus of the event will be the growing success of the Employment Readiness Program, which supports individuals challenged with poverty and helps them navigate a journey to employment through training and coaching. Last year alone, more than $190,000 was raised for the gala, helping to offset programme costs, including coaching, training, staff wages, and other resources.

Journey to Sustainable Living

Mission Possible offers transitional work opportunities through their social enterprises. The heart of Mission Possible is their ability to provide sustainable living, stability, independence, and a sense of purpose to their programme participants. Many organizations can meet people’s basic needs like shelter, food, or clothing. While those things are valuable, they don’t always help people break out of the poverty cycle. Ultimately, people are more likely to thrive when they have a purpose, and Mission Possible’s social enterprises provide that purpose through meaningful work.

Perhaps the most moving part of the gala programme will be stories told by Mission Possible’s rising stars. These will be true accounts from members of our community who have overcome some of the most trying periods of their lives while participating in Mission Possible programmes. Stories told this evening will be unique, but Mission Possible has worked with folks who have widely different experiences: from the mother of four small children who has lived in and out of homeless shelters most of her life and now has sustainable employment, to a recovering addict who was disowned by his family but is now able to support himself financially. Each is different, yet they all have similar results: lasting change.

What’s Next

The future is bright at Mission Possible and the organization will soon be launching a few new and exciting initiatives next year. They are piloting a women-only track to meet the demand for females in the neighborhood who have barriers to working with men. Mission Possible is also expanding its work for the City of Vancouver, which allows them to offer more opportunities to their participants.

You Can Help

Mission Possible goes far beyond just meeting people’s basic needs. It is a bridge to transformation. DP World Canada is proud to be a long-time supporter of Mission Possible and its annual gala. As a donor and sponsor, we are helping make a difference and support an organization that is changing people’s lives.

The Employment Readiness Program is growing, and new participants join each month. Community support is essential. It cost Mission Possible nearly $500 a month per participant to cover the necessary resources.

If your organization is looking for philanthropic opportunities to improve the community, consider Mission Possible. Tickets are on sale now for the annual gala on Tuesday, December 3. Whether it’s buying tickets and experiencing the charity firsthand or making a charitable donation, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. Can’t attend? Why not show your support for other activities throughout the year? Click here to donate.