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Organization Spotlight: COBS Bread

Cobs Bread logo

At DP World, we aim to shed light on companies that are prioritizing corporate social responsibility and making a difference in the community. COBS Bread is a great example of an organization that not only gives back but includes the act in their business model. COBS Bread is part of the parent company, Bakers Delight, founded in Australia. In 2003, the first COBS Bread location in Vancouver opened, and now there are over 40 bakeries in British Columbia, and over 120 bakeries and counting across Canada and the U.S.

Since their first opening, involvement with charity has been at the forefront of their company values. In 16 years of business, over $250 million worth of fresh baked goods have been donated to charities across Canada and the U.S. Thanks to COBS Bread’s and Bakers Delight’s generous initiatives, many communities across the globe are given the food they need on a daily basis.

Baked with Purpose

COBS Bread employees prioritize the quality and freshness of their products every day. At each bakery, all bread is baked fresh from scratch every morning. All ingredients are carefully sourced, and never include preservatives or artificial flavours. They are truly committed to the quality and value of their baked goods, and that easily translates to their commitment to their customers and community.

At the end of every day, all unsold baked goods are collected by volunteers and donated to charitable food programmes throughout the area. Each franchisee works in their community to establish relationships with local nonprofits and find organizations whose missions resonate with them. The mission of COBS Bread is to create strong connections in the communities they operate in. One organization they are heavily involved with is Breakfast Club of Canada, which provides resources and funding to school breakfast programmes. With this programme, kids are getting the breakfast that they might not otherwise be getting to help them concentrate in school.

Commitment to Community

Along with their End of Day Giving, owners also host events that will aid the communities they are passionate about. Events known as Community Days are a big part of the company’s brand and cause. On special occasions, most often a new location opening, all sales from the day are donated to a chosen organization. Community Day proceeds have previously benefited hospitals, food banks, and many other community groups.

For other businesses, COBS Bread stresses the importance of showing your willingness to give back. Their advice to businesses getting started with corporate social responsibility is to find organizations that align with your values and find charities that can benefit from what you have to offer. All companies can supplement their mission with a cause for the greater good.

COBS Bread serves as an example to other organizations to build community involvement and charity into their daily business operations. If you feel your organization could benefit from an End of Day donation, or are interested in becoming a community partner, your local COBS Bread bakery would love to hear from you. They are especially interested in groups who engage with the community and promote health and well-being.

To stay up to date with their offerings and initiatives, be sure to follow COBS Bread on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.