Organization Spotlight: Vantage Point Partners with BC Non-profits to Keep Local Organizations Thriving

Championing volunteerism and inspiring non-profit leaders since 1943, Vantage Point helps other non-profit organizations become more effective, efficient, and accountable. A non-profit itself, Vantage Point understands the vital role non-profit organizations play in our community, and it strives to inspire and invest in the people who keep them operating and thriving. Because DP World Canada also endeavors to help many British Columbia non-profit organizations, we are eager to highlight and strengthen Vantage Point’s mission and the innovative work it is doing to better our region.

BC’s Non-Profit Sector

British Columbia is home to a healthy variety of non-profits that support local needs and strengthen local culture. Indeed, BC’s non-profit sector is a flourishing community of talented individuals, gifted leaders, and impactful missions. Non-profit organizations shape our province and continuously enable individuals to engage in our communities.

Helping member organizations capitalize on the strengths and assets they already possess; Vantage Point strives to elevate organizational capacity—lifting strong non-profit organizations and their effective leaders. It convenes, connects, and equips leaders through education and consulting, ultimately transforming non-profits, helping them accomplish their goals, and grow their impact.

From Volunteerism to Leadership

Vantage Point originated in 1943 and was then known as Vancouver’s Central Volunteer Bureau. Connecting volunteers with non-profit needs, it served as a matchmaking entity for local organizations and community members. It quickly evolved into a pillar of volunteerism in Vancouver.

In the early 2000s, technology transformed the way people engaged with non-profit organizations. The bureau adjusted accordingly by shifting its focus to knowledge-based advocacy and philanthropy rather than hands-on volunteerism.

In 2009, the organization’s name changed to Vantage Point, solidifying its new mission shift to focus on helping equip non-profit organizations and empowering their leaders. It also sought to broaden its reach across BC. Since 2018, Vantage Point has heightened its role as a convener and connector, using its strong network of leaders to amplify the voice of the non-profit sector and bolster its long-term success.

A Living Lab

Today, Vantage Point serves as a partner and consultant to non-profit leaders, especially executive directors. Its member organizations mostly consist of small- to medium-size non-profits. Continuously providing relevant and accessible resources to member organizations through education, consulting, and facilitation, Vantage Point considers itself a “living lab.”

This year, member organizations have access to more than 25 workshops, providing in-depth training in areas such as governance, management, leadership, organizational planning, and human resources. Additionally, Vantage Point hosts several educational labs, or cohort learning programs: Essentials for New Managers, Executive Director (ED) 101, Advocacy & Government Relations, Executive Lab, Capacity Lab, and Raising the Right Revenue. In late February 2022, member organizations are invited to the Building Organizational and Sector Sustainability (BOSS) conference, an event that creates space for dialogue, collaboration, and the development of tactics to strengthen BC’s non-profit sector.

An Abundance Mindset

As a non-profit itself, Vantage Point understands the challenges that these unique organizations face. Rather than focusing on impossibilities, Vantage Point has built a positive and supportive community that uses collaboration and shared vision to overcome obstacles. In fact, all of the services that Vantage Point provides stem from a deep belief of abundance over scarcity—that local non-profits have all the resources they need to accomplish even the loftiest of goals.

Recognizing the importance of having a spirited, diverse, and sustainable non-profit sector in western Canada, Vantage Point has become a leading organization and sought-after resource across a variety of industries. By investing in today’s non-profit entities and the people managing them, Vantage Point is doing its part to help position BC’s non-profit sector for future success.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding Vantage Point, its member organizations, and how to participate in or contribute to its initiatives, visit or follow the organization on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.