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The Women of DP World Canada: Enabling Smarter Trade. Better Lives.

Connie, and integral member of the DP World Community

At DP World Canada, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team. Our employees come from across the globe, and among them are a powerful and impactful group of women who are thriving in the maritime and global logistics environments. On International Women’s Day, we’re focusing on women’s empowerment by appreciating the strong, intelligent women who help us play a critical part in the global supply chain.

Below are the stories of three female team members who help us achieve this excellence day in and day out. We are #DPWorld4Women—and through us the world keeps moving, day and night.

Sandy Tuyen: Supervisor, Customer Service, DP World Vancouver

Sandy Tuyen Sandy’s team works with steamship lines, trucking lines and brokers to keep import/export cargo moving smoothly through the terminal. By addressing issues before they cause delays, Sandy and her team keep customers happy and add the human touch to customer relationships.

Sandy shares how she, as a woman, has learned to thrive in the shipping and global logistics sector. She says, “You need to know that you are in role to do a job, you are bringing diversity in skills to the team. It can be intimidating to raise an opinion against a majority or suggest something completely new, but if you have confidence in yourself and facts to back up your ideas, you will succeed.”

Sandy likes working at the Vancouver terminal because it’s close to downtown and the activities there. She likes working for DP World because “we all bring our own personality to the team and we all have fun but get our work done at the same time.”

Pam Ellison: Terminal Manager- DP World Nanaimo

Pam EllisonPam manages the Nanaimo terminal on Vancouver Island, which has been providing short sea shipping from Duke Point since 2011. She sees her role clearly: “To develop a strong and committed team that is trained and works to continually improve—which, in turn, will ensure our success for the future.”

Pam is a strong witness to the effectiveness of women’s empowerment because, in her words, “It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man. Be sincere and work hard and you will be successful. If there is a challenge, work harder and find a way around it.”

Pam enjoys the outdoor activities available on Vancouver Island. She appreciates the opportunity to work with a great group of people at Duke Point in support of the global supply chain which impacts so many lives.

Kim Chatillon: Customer Service Coordinator, DP World Vancouver

Kim ChatillonKim’s role as Customer Service Coordinator is part of the operations department, sharing the voice of operations with DP World’s customers. In her words, “We regularly meet and proactively engage with the largest shipping line representatives throughout the year at off-site customer engagement activities.” Ensuring timely execution is the goal, and she relishes the challenge of finding a solution to something considered “impossible.”

In a clear example of women’s empowerment, the #MentorHer initiative is linking female employees with mentors to facilitate successful transitions into the operations department. “I was given the opportunity to be mentored by one of only three female Terminal Managers across DP World’s portfolio. I think it is a great step towards creating a supportive atmosphere, providing women with opportunities for leadership and expanding their horizons.”

Kim is “Wowed by Vancouver’s beauty… I feel like one small but crucially important cog in the wheel of global trade, which is fascinating to learn from and observe. I walk to work every day and the view from the
Heatley Overpass might still be my favorite thing.”

DP World is grateful for the commitment of these women and the value they add at key stages in the global supply chain. Along with their hardworking colleagues—female and male—they help cargo move seamlessly to thousands of destinations around the world, playing a vital role in helping economies grow and nations prosper.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the female leaders at DP World Canada and throughout the world. Your perspective, talent and skill keep us on top of our game. #DPWorld4Women