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DP World Fraser Surrey Is Western Canada’s First Terminal Equipped with Rotating Container Technology

Enhancing DP World Canada’s commitment to the Port of Vancouver and Western Canada’s marine economy, we have partnered with New Gold Inc., RAM Spreaders and Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG) as part of the plan to build DP World Fraser Surrey into a world-class marine terminal. This mode of export uses an exciting, state-of-the-art rotating container technology to efficiently transport mineral concentrates, as well as other bulk commodities.  In addition to creating cost savings, this groundbreaking method will reduce the terminal’s impact on the local environment, when compared to using a traditional bulk ship loader.

What is a Rotating Container?

Rotating containers are also known as “revolving containers” or “tippers” because machines essentially “tip” materials from these specially designed of containers. They allow bulk cargo to be loaded directly within the hold of a bulk vessel – the container rotates 180 degrees to empty all the contents into the hold. This replaces the need for a traditional bulk ship loader to transfer goods. Rotating containers can be used for a variety of bulk commodities such as mineral concentrates, specialty grains, coal, wheat, sugar, potash, and urea.

Rotating Container Benefits

Financial and environmental benefits are the main byproducts of using rotating containers in bulk maritime transportation. In this process, a mobile dust suppression unit is fitted around the rim of each vessel hatch, emitting water mist to mitigate dust levels. This mechanism not only minimizes environmental contamination but also reduces product damage or loss as the materials are transported and loaded to the vessel.

The Future of DP World Fraser Surrey

Our partners in this agreement ensure its success: New Gold, an intermediate mining company with gold, silver, and copper assets, RAM Spreaders; and ISG, engineers of mining and grain container solutions. By optimizing the strengths and resources of DP World Canada and these partners, we will be able to construct a modern mine-to-vessel infrastructure and implement a cutting-edge process using rotating container systems—the first marine terminal in North America to do so.

This revolutionary export method, set to begin operation in early 2022, launches an era of exporting dry bulk commodities in a more environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, it mitigates the risk of dust loss that comes with bulk handling, reducing product loss that typically occurs during transport and loading. Because DP World Fraser Surrey is the largest multi-purpose marine terminal on the West Coast of North America, the project will have significant impact both locally and globally.

Commitment to Port of Vancouver

We are excited that DP World Fraser Surrey will become the first marine terminal in Western Canada to use rotating container technology. This investment demonstrates DP World Canada’s longstanding commitment to advancing logistics using the latest technology, as well as the company’s support of both the local economy and environment. Passionate about engaging in smarter trade, DP World believes this collaborative effort will substantially benefit British Columbia and beyond.