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We are British Columbia’s stevedoring experts, serving coastal and inland waterway ports and terminals up and down the coast of Vancouver Island.

Experienced & Reliable

Whatever your stevedoring requirements, we can handle virtually every type of vessel and cargo imaginable – from high and heavy equipment and vehicles to commodities like lumber, newsprint, and steel.

Safe & Efficient

Safe, optimized for productivity, and cost-effective, our stevedoring methods are trusted by many top global manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. These innovative methods have also been adopted at ports and terminals around the world.

Vancouver Mainland and Island Service

DP World stevedoring services are available at ports and terminal operations throughout BC. We provide unique value to our customers with a full range of cargo handling equipment, 2 berths and 8 ha of storage.


Your products are our top priority. The DP World Stevedore services team are your West Coast cargo handling experts.

General Cargo
We know the importance of cargo handling care to our manufacturing clients. From yachts to trailers, and windmill parts to canned consumer goods, we have a record of safely handling all kinds of goods. Our highly-skilled professional stevedoring team works in close cooperation with our importer, exporter, and shipping line customers to ensure a smooth handling experience.
Forest Products
We understand that your product quality is paramount. We handle wood, pulp panel, lumber; Oriented strand board (OSB), Medium-density fibreboard (MBF) and newsprint. As the global trade in forest products changes, we are constantly innovating to create new solutions and handling equipment to save our customers time and money when shipping products through Canada’s West Coast. We are dedicated to creating and using the right tools to get the job done.
Auto (Ro-Ro) & High and Heavy
Many of the world’s top auto and heavy equipment manufacturers trust our ro-ro services to handle their valuable bulk cargo and vehicles. Hino Trucks, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Toyota all call on DP World because they know we do it with care, safety, and attention to detail.

Canadian West Coast

Whatever your cargo's destination, our stevedoring teams are in the right place at the right time with the expertise and equipment you need. Our services are available at multiple locations along the BC Coast and through our central offices in Fraser Surrey, Nanaimo and Vancouver.

Connect with us

Our stevedoring services are available along the BC coast, contact us for more information.

Manager, Vancouver Island Operations & Duke Point
John Darbyshire
: 250.722.2290

Terminal Manager, Fraser Surrey
Ian Patterson
: 604.581.2233 ext.7007

Manager, Mainland Stevedoring Ro/Ro and Bulk
Saeid Rezazadeh
: 604.252.2502