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DP World Prince Rupert Boosts Efficiency, Reliability in the Global Supply Chain

Photo of vessel at open sea carrying containers to Prince Rupert Terminal

With swift cargo movement, reduced dwell times and comprehensive rail service, the Port of Prince Rupert offers significant strategic advantages to North American customers.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – As the global supply chain grapples with increasingly complex challenges – rising costs, port congestion, and geopolitical unrest in shipping routes like the Red Sea – DP World is leveraging its global network of ports and terminals to ensure that customer supply chains remain resilient against disruption.

This includes routing customers through Canada’s Port of Prince Rupert, which boasts several strategic advantages for North American customers seeking efficiency and reliability in their supply chain operations. Located on the west coast of British Columbia, the DP World Prince Rupert Terminal is serviced by all three Alliances, enabling marine reach throughout Asia, and positioning the port as a key gateway for trade across North America.

With swift cargo movement, reliable transit times, and comprehensive rail service, the DP World Prince Rupert Terminal connects directly to major markets in the Midwest U.S. and Canada. Plus, with the recently completed expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal, the port can accommodate growing global demand for shipping capacity, while also aligning with environmental stewardship efforts.

  • Speed and Agility: To minimize delays throughout the entire value chain, DP World Prince Rupert emphasizes reduced dwell times and swift cargo movement. This, combined with faster sailing times to Asia (11 days), enables significant time savings throughout the entire supply chain. As a result, transit times are reduced by three to eight days.
  • Global Connectivity: Marine access from DP World Prince Rupert to Asia through three major alliances – Ocean Alliance, 2M Alliance, and T.H.E. Alliance – ensures seamless connectivity and international trade operations.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: With an extensive rail network that services key markets in the U.S. and Canada, combined with the fast and efficient turnover of cargo, DP World Prince Rupert ensures the timely delivery of goods to the Midwest U.S. and Canada, even against turbulent market conditions.
  • Capacity and Sustainability: The recent expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal to 1.6 million TEUs means that the port can handle significant capacity while ensuring the quick, efficient turnover of cargo.

Cargo directed through the port can take advantage of DP World’s Expedited Rail Service (ERS), an express service offering that prioritizes container-to-rail transfers for quicker transit times. In partnership with CN Rail, ERS enhances planning and logistics by providing customers with real-time updates on shipping schedules and provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional routes.

Shaun Stevenson, President & CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority, underscored the port’s strategic advantages: “The Port of Prince Rupert provides fast and reliable supply chain solutions for trans-Pacific trade. To further anchor our Gateway’s advantages, over $1 billion expansion of import and export logistics capacities is underway to enable greater supply chain agility and efficiency. This investment will complement terminal capacity to create a truly integrated port – North America’s only closed-loop intermodal trade ecosystem.”

Doug Smith, CEO, DP World in Canada, highlighted the critical importance of innovative supply chain solutions in overcoming market challenges: “The global supply chain is increasingly influenced by geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties. Thanks to our end-to-end capabilities and global network, we remain committed to working alongside our customers to advance their supply chain strategies in a rapidly evolving global landscape.”

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